Temporary Staffing

In order for a temporary staffing agency to provide the best service possible, it must understand the clients’ needs first and foremost.

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Direct Hire

In today’s competitive markets, having the right team is crucial for any business. However, recruitment is becoming a more intensive, time consuming process as a result.

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Contract Hire

To remain competitive, your business needs to be lean and agile, able to rapidly adapt to emerging challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Executive Search

Our Executive Search Professionals take the time to get to know your needs and your organization’s culture to ensure every hire is a perfect fit.

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How We can Help

Improve Your Hiring Strategies :

As staffing professionals, we understand how stressful it can be to identify the right candidate for your needs. Through a combination of carefully crafted processes, cutting-edge technology and exceptional industry knowledge, we deliver fast, effective outcomes in every situation.

To identify suitable candidates, we first screen and assess applications to ensure they meet all educational, experience and specific skill requirements your vacancy necessitates. Our extensive database of skilled professionals enhances any recruitment process, expanding the pool of applicants that fit the needs of any recruitment process.

For those that meet the specific requirements of the position, we conduct a personal interview. Here a professional recruitment specialist will discuss the skills and abilities needed for the position, along with the requirements of the job to ascertain each candidate’s suitability, and whether the position fits the candidate’s expectations. This last aspect is a crucial aspect of identifying the candidates who not only have the skills, but who are also committed to that position as part of their career path.

The interview process allows the candidate pool to be narrowed further, and from here we then seek and confirm supervisory references and prior work experience to ensure the legitimacy of the final candidates. Once done, those final candidates go through a screening process with our sales management team, where we delve deeper into the individual’s soft skills to ensure they are a cultural fit for the client’s work environment. The chosen candidate(s) are then presented to the client for approval.

As you can see, our hands-on approach ensures outstanding results, taking the stress out of recruitment to allow you to focus on your business.


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ZAAS Consulting is Award Winnning Staffing Agency

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Access to an enormous pool of candidates.

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